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 What Is Methadone and How Does It Work?

methadone mile boston  Methadone is an opioid, which is a class of medications. During World War II, German medics invented it. Doctors in the United States used it to treat people who were in excruciating agony.

You can now acquire it as part of a treatment program for a heroin or narcotic opioid addiction.

Despite the fact that methadone is safer than other drugs, your doctor should keep a careful eye on you while you’re on it. It’s possible that taking it will lead to addiction or misuse.

What is the Function of Methadone?

Methadone relieves pain by altering the way your brain and nerve system respond to it. It takes longer for it to take action than other strong painkillers like morphine. If you’re in a lot of pain due to an injury, surgery, or long-term sickness, your doctor may prescribe methadone.

It also stops medications like codeine, heroin, hydrocodone, morphine, and oxycodone from giving you a high. It can provide a comparable sensation while also preventing withdrawal symptoms and cravings. This is referred to as replacement therapy.

It’s usually only a small portion of your overall treatment approach. It’s not a panacea for addiction.

Methadone is available as a pill, powder, or liquid. It is only available with a prescription. Your healthcare experts will prescribe the dose that will work best for you. During treatment, they may adjust your dose. When you use it, tell your doctor how you feel. Don’t stop taking methadone without first consulting your doctor.

Make sure you follow the dosing directions to the letter. If your doctor prescribes “dispersible” pills, dissolve all or part of one in a liquid (typically water or citrus-flavored drinks) and drink the whole thing.

Experts recommend that persons who use methadone to treat an addiction do so for at least a year while working on their recovery. When it’s time to stop, your doctor will guide you through the process cautiously to avoid withdrawal symptoms.

Without a prescription, some people use methadone illegally. The majority of them inject it, putting them at risk for infections like HIV and hepatitis C.

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